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We understand that when you are starting your new business, capital may be limited; and the last thing you need is to spend all of it on preparing paperwork. Our consulting services is your answer. Whether starting a new company or looking to expand through grant and business development assistance, we're here to help. Our professional consulting team has years of experience helping others succeed.
Tamora Walls Hughes started working as an independent business consultant in October, 2002. Prior, she worked for corporate institutions utilizing her skills in the areas of graphic design, presentations, computer training, basic IT support, and web development. Tamora attended and completed the SBA Entrepreneurship Courses where she received her Certificates of Completion.

In early 2003, she partnered with Business Services Group (BSG) to support both profit and non-profit organizations with business strategies and development services. In 2005, she developed a training course for entrepreneurs entitled “Who’s the Boss” Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Training.  She has successfully written grants with a success rate of 80% and has received funding in the amounts of over one-million dollars and has performed grant reviewer services for the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She is a member of the Grants Professional Association and is preparing to become certified in 2012.
Over the past nine years, Tamora has developed strong collaborative partnerships with various grant writing  and business development professionals who collectively have over 45 + years of experience.
She is a core team leader and pastor at The Bridge Network International, Inc. and co-authored the book “Thy Kingdom Come: Living a Life of Dominion, Power and Authority” and author of “Reflections of the Heart”. Tamora currently working a series of proposals and business development books entitled "Kwik Steps".

 Member of the Grants Professional Association


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