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You have this great vision for your profit or , but maybe you're missing some of the pieces you need to pull it all together. Your success will be established by investing in the time, and finances necessary to build a solid foundation.
Although you may or may not be multi-talented, it is never a good choice to continually wear all the hats. Eventually, you will burn out and will suffer greatly. You need a team of professionals that specialize in all the things you will need, so that your business or organization can prosper and reap maximum benefits.
Say no more, I know what your thinking...I need help!
We offer:
  • Development
  • Grant Proposals and Evaluations
  • Letters of intent (LOI)
  • Grant Reviews
  • New Corporation Package: - Articles of Inc., Corp. - Filing, and Corporate- Bylaws
  • 501(c)3 Preparation
  • Grant Preparation Bootcamps
  • Business Strategy Bootcamps
  • Group Workshops (10 or more)  - Grant Writing  -   - Board Development  - Strategic Planning  - Career Development
  • Professional Network Referrals
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Kwik Steps: Proposal Preparation and
Grant Writing Formats
Kwik Steps: Proposal Preparation and Grant Writing Formats provide practical steps towards getting started and preparing an award winning proposal.
List Price: $10.99
(shipping & handling not included) 
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper - 24 pages
Education / Professional Development
The Step-By-Step Funding Guide
Retail: $49.77
(shipping & handling not included)
What's Inside the Guide...
Step-By-Step Nonprofits Guide/VIP Day
- Introduction to Grant Writing
- Establishing Your Organization to Receive 
- Forming a Grant Writing Team
- Identifying Grant Writing Formats
- Developing a and Planning
   the Evaluation Process
- Planning the Budget
- Sample Grant Searches
- Grant Updates (Current through 2011)
- Sample Proposals
- Finding Funding Sources
Private VIP Day
(6 hours - one-on-one consultation....PHONE, SKYPE, IN PERSON) NOW: $447   
(does not include travel and accommodations)
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